Public Bible Resources

Congregational Bible Reading Plan

  Bible Reading - Plan designed to encourage daily reading

General Bible Resources

  Bible Gateway - Bible search, reading, audio, and more in many versions and languages

  Bible Hub - Bible study with many in depth tools (Hebrew/Greek, concordances, commentaries, etc.)

  You Version - Bible plans, reading, and audio with many versions and languages

  Wordsearch Bible - Bible reader with several translations, commentaries, dictionaries, etc.

Teacher Helps

  e-Teacher Digest - a free monthly e-mail newsletter from 21st Century Christian that contains valuable teacher tips, teaching illustrations, and much more to encourage every Bible class teacher.  

  Sermon Index - Audio recordings of historic and recent sermons


Family Connections

Social Networking

  Facebook Private Group Facebook community maintained by Pegram Church of Christ. Contact us to request access.  

Pictorial Directory

The latest directories were published in the spring of 2018. If you have questions, please contact the church office.


Other Resources

Senior Care - Extensive information compiled by Assisted Living Research Institute

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