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  February 2020  
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(Combined Wednesday night adult class - Summer 2019)

We are combining our Wednesday night classes for the summer, bringing a form of our Words of Life class into the main Peak of the Week forum. We have invited various men to each lead the class one Wednesday night this summer in their own way.

The subject is Judges. More broad than the book of Judges, this is the story of the Judges. Israel had cried out to God from Egypt, so God sent Moses to deliver them (and judge, according to Exodus 18). The 1st generation out of Egypt complained that they were not able to take the promised land. So they were sent back to the wilderness. Moses told the next generation to pass it on, who God is and the amazing things he had done. That 2nd generation told Joshua that they would obey (and mostly did, and inherited the promised land), yet a 3rd generation arose who did not know God or what he had done. So God handed them over to enemies, and the cycle of them crying out, being delivered by the LORD God through another judge, and rebelling all over again continued through many more generations. The book echoes that there was no king in those days, and everyone did as he saw fit. The end of the period of Judges begins when Israel asks Samuel for a king to judge them.


Here is the schedule we have planned:
(Please see the Words of Life class page for insight into the main goal of the study, how the different readings relate, and what flexibility we invite within this format.)

Month Day Leader Title Focus Full Reading
June 5 James Allen 1st Gen: "Not Able" Num 13:31 Num 13-14
(VBS) 12 Elders (VBS) (VBS) (VBS)
  19 Bobby Lynn Moses: "Teach Them" Deut 6:7 Deu 6-7
  26 Danny Stuart 2nd Gen: "Will Obey" Jos 1:17 Josh 1-2
July 3 Paul Miller 3rd Gen: "Did Not Know" Judg 2:10 Judg 2-3
  10 Dave Shepherd Deborah: "LORD Routed" Judg 4:15 Judg 4-5
  17 Gene Hannah Gideon: "Still Too Many" Judg 7:4 Judg 7-8
  24 Billy Moore Jepthah: "LORD Gave" Judg 11:32 Judg 10-11
  31 Jim Arnold Samson: "Spirit of LORD" Judg 15:14 Judg 14-15
August 7 Bryan Birdwell Ruth: "Where You Go" Ruth 1:16 Ruth 1-2
  14 Adam Thornton Israel: "No King" Judg 21:25 Judg 20-21
  21 Aaron Johnson Samuel: "Is Listening" 1Sa 3:10 1Sa 3-4
  28 Andy Holley Israel: "King to Judge" 1Sa 8:6 1Sa 8-9