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   January 2019   
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Bible Reading Challenge

Commit to read daily to draw near to God. Hearing God's Word is a vital element of our communication with God, just as prayer is. We strongly encourage every Christian to make daily Bible reading a consistent part of their spiritual nourishment.
We view strengthening the Body in and through this spiritual discipline as a ministry. As such we offer the congregational reading plan used by the links above and described below, as well as information about other plans for any who might benefit more from a different plan.

Congregational Plan


2017-2019 PLAN  (Current through Feb 2019)
Please see our Plans page for more info.

This PDF file contains the reading plan we are offering for 2017-2019. Printed bookmark cards of it are available in a wall bin by the office in our building, and daily readings are printed in our weekly and monthly bulletins. 

Some highlights include: 

  • 21-month plan (~10 min/day)
  • New Testament included twice
  • Canonical book order (same order as in the Bible),
       except with Psalms distributed through it
  • Consistent length readings

This plan and previous versions are what the Daily Reading Online links above use. More information is available on our Plans page.

Other Bible Reading Plans  (and Bible Reading Plan Generators)

We made the effort to make custom plans because we didn't find any which quite accomplished what we wanted, to try to make it easier for people to start and maintain daily Bible reading. What we've done still isn't going to be best for everyone though, and it may not be for you. There are many other options available online. Here are just a few of the ones we've come across:

Custom Plan Maker 

BibleReadingPlanMaker.7z (~670KB) contains a custom Bible reading plan generator program which was used to generate the congregational plans mentioned above. It can also make various other Bible reading plans. It is offered here free of charge so others in search of custom Bible reading plans may use it to make them.