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  February 2020  

We welcome anyone to visit us during one of our regular services.

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We want you to feel comfortable in our worship service, so let us give you an idea of what to expect. As you visit, you may experience worship as actively or passively as you wish. You are our honored guest. Services usually last about 90 minutes and contain elements from the following:

Congregational singing plays a prominent role in our worship. The order of worship, including the song numbers, is listed on the front of the Sunday bulletin for those who desire to participate. We hope that you find our worship in song to be uplifting and glorifying to God.

Each Sunday we observe the Lord's Supper. As we eat the bread and drink the fruit of the vine, we share in the death, burial , and resurrection of our Lord Jesus and we are reminded of the great love God has for us. We invite all Christians to join us in this time of remembrance.

At various times in the service we will be led, as a group, in prayer by a member. If you have a need for prayer please let us know and we will add your request to our prayer list. You may write this request on the back of your guest card.

The lesson is usually presented by our preaching minister. You may notice that our minister does not wear special clothes. We address our ministers using their names, without any religious titles

Responding/Family Prayer Time
Usually, at the conclusion of the sermon, a song is sung and a time of open invitation is offered for anyone desiring the prayers of the congregation or to be baptized into Christ. Alternatively, you may also make note of your needs on an attendance card and place it in the collection plate.

During the service, our members are given the opportunity to contribute money in support of the ministries of this church. This contribution is for our members, and guests are not expected to give.